A Rainy Experience – Dirty Sex Stories

This is my first share of experiences … it happened while I was in my second year of engineering. I went to college as usual during a rainy season and the day had started with heavy showers. Like all the others even I managed to reach the college but by the time I reached the rains came so hard that most of Bombay was under water and our college was closed for the day. I came to know from my friends that the trains and buses had also stopped because of the rains. I decided to go to my uncle’s place as it was near to my college. I walked to his place half of my body under water. As I reached his place I was fully wet. I rang the bell of the house. After some time my cousin Priya opened the door. Priya was in her SY Bom and was well grown up with a good figure.

She was wearing T-shirt and jeans and received me with a smile. As I went in I noticed that she was alone in the house and later found out that both my uncle and aunty where also caught by the rains and had stayed at there friends place.

Priya from what I knew till then about her was a silent girl but always used to give me a very mischief look when we used to be alone. She had even tried to kiss me once, which somehow I resisted but it was almost 2 years back and I had forgotten about it at that time. I asked her if I can get some of mama’s shorts which I can wear as I was fully wet. She handed me a t-shirt and shorts and told me to take a hot shower while she makes some coffee. After taking the shower I put on the T-shirt and shorts. I didn’t wear any underwear, as it had got all wet. I came out of the bathroom and noticed that Priya had also changed her dress and was now wearing a short skirt and a tight-buttoned top. She told me to come to the kitchen as she makes some coffee.

As I sat on the dining table I watched Priya from the back. She was tall almost 5’-5’’ and had long silky hair. My eyes went still below to watch her firm round buttocks and just below it I could see her sexy thighs being exposed by her short skirt. Looking at it I was getting a hard on and to add to it without the underwear my dick was freely starting to move. After making the coffee she told me to get up and come to the hall and said she will put on the TV. As I got up with my erect dick being easily noticeable I glanced at her and saw that she had her eyes on my dick. I took the cup of coffee and went to the hall and sat on the sofa. Priya came and sat next to me but we did have the distance. As we were drinking the coffee and watching some stupid serial on the TV, the sight of Priya’s sexy thighs was making my dick grow harder and harder. After having the coffee I told Priya that I would go and have a nap.

I went and fell down on the bed. After about 10 minutes Priya also came into the bedroom and asked me if I mind if she sleeps next to me. I said no and it’s fine. She lied down besides me and we started talking about schools and college. As she talked she also started coming closer and closer to me and soon our lips where very near to each other. I had it enough and somehow I was not able to control any longer as I put my hand on her stomach. With my move she came even closer to me and closed her eyes with her pinkish moist lips right in front of me. I went closer and kissed her edge of the lips as I moved above her with my dick rubbing against her. We started to kiss and slowly opened our mouth and started exploring her tongue. My hand moved up and was now firmly on one of her breast and squeezing it. I started to kiss all over her face and her neck. I then started to unbutton her shirt with my one hand while the other was still exploring the roundness of her boobs.

As I completely unbuttoned her and spread her shirt apart so as to have a good view of her breast. She was wearing a black bra and had a hook in the front. I put my face on her breast and started kissing her breast. My one hand now going down and pulling her short skirt up and running through the edges of her panties and between her thighs. My face was then between her two balls and trying hard to open up the hook with my mouth. I did succeed finally and exposed both her balls. She had a good size of her balls for her age and her nipples where erect and juicy. My tongue started to lick her left nipples as my hand started squeezing her right balls yet again. She started to moan as I started to suck her boobs. After some time I got up and had a look at her thighs. I went down and started kissing her legs from the bottom and slowly coming up. I moved the skirt up and had her panties slowly move down. Her bushy cunt which I felt had never been shaved off till then was now exposed.

My hands where feeling the roughness of her hair as I started kissing her once again on her lips. I slowly moved down again kissing her all over from her lips to her chin and her neck and both her breast to her navel and finally coming to her cunt. She spread her legs apart as I put my face in between her thighs and started to lick her virgin cunt lips. I pushed one of my fingers inside it as she started to moan even harder. After some time I again went up to her breast and started sucking it. Her hand was now all over the front of my shorts and holding my dick in her hand and squeezing it as I sucked her boobs. She then pushed me back as I lay down on my back as she moved kissing my lips and at the same time continuing to squeeze my dick. She then sat up and removed her unbuttoned shirt and bra as also her skirt and was now completely naked.

She then put her face on my short and had my dick in her mouth and gave a bite to it. She then pulled down my shorts so that my dick was now completely free and fully exposed to her. It was now erect and was almost about 6’’ long. She then had her face completely over it and started kissing it from the top to my balls. In the meantime I removed my t-Shirt and both of us where now completely naked on the bed. She now had her whole mouth on the head of my dick and started to suck it with her mouth going up and down my rod in a vigorous manner. I had my right hand on one of her balls and squeeze it as she gave me a great blowjob. After some time I felt like I was coming out and so told her to get ready for the ejaculation and ejaculated all over her face. She had some of it in her mouth and then sucked my cock once again. We then lied over each other for some time kissing each other. We decided that it was enough and I was surprised to see that Priya was able to control herself and didn’t want a fuck. Soon the doorbell rang and the maid came in to do the household work. I left for home in the evening but we both did explore each others body many times after that and I started visiting her place very often sometimes bunking my college.

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