A Night Besides A Lake – Indian Sex Stories

Hello all. I am a 23 years old man having an advertising company and this incident happened last year in the rainy season. First let me describe myself I am 6′ 2 in height, quite fair and weigh about 88kg of solid muscles resulting from many hours of working in gym. Well, I have a passion for driving and had taken my Tata Sumo almost all over India in less than 2 years. Once my family and my sister’s friend Ashu we all went to a small village in Himachal Pradesh. We were going to spend a forthnight there. As usual I came there with my car while the my parents and my sisters friend Ashu came by train.

After a week or so I got a call from my friend that I had to return back home as I had a chance of getting a good contract. As Ashu also was planning to leave the next day as she had to fill her exam forms I offered to drop her back home. We knew each others since childhood and so she readily accepted. But first let me tell you about Ashu. She is about 5′ 6 in height and though not very pretty she has the prettiest ass I ever saw in my whole life. she also has big boobs and good thighs. But she is somewhat dumb, but I always wanted to ‘patao’ her and never missed a chance to touch her ass or breasts. She was a virgin. I must have mastrubated thousand times thinking about her ass.

Well, we got early in the morning and started for home which was about 10 hours of drive away. On the way I started to engage her in some jokes and gradually gratuated to some porno jokes. I could see that she was not offended and was enjoying herself. On the way there is a lake which is some kilometers off the road in a lonely area. Here I always like to have a swim and refresh myself and fill the radiator with water and so I told Ashu to do same. She said that she had no bathing suit. But I said that she can swim in her salwar-kameez itself. While bathing we started playing around throwing water at each other while I picked her up and threw her in water many times. Seeing her wet body and the tight fitting salwar-kameez I started to get an erection. I then started to rub my hard penis against her ass at a slighest pertex. But Ashu never realized it.

After a hour I told Ashu that we should leave since we had a long way to go. as we were both wet we decided to change. she went behind some trees to change. I always wanted to see her naked so I went behind her and unknown to her I saw her changing. She took off her kameez first and then her bra. Her big breasts dropped down and the nipples were erect due to cold. Then she turned around and removed her salwar and panties giving me a perfect view of her beautiful ass and her tiny asshole. Now I almost started to cum. It was very cold outside so I went to the car and took a sip of whisky which I always keep in the car.

Ashu came to the car dressed I again in a very tight salwar-kameez. She seldom wore jeans as she had a big ass. I suggested that we have some whisky or some beer before leaving. As she was cold too she readily agreed. The back of my Tata Sumo has no seats and there is lots of space there for people to sleep. We sat there in contact with each other sipping a the whisky. As I was already warm she liked my physical contact and even inched closer to me putting her head on my shoulders in a friendly fashion. This was what I needed. I turned around and kissed her lightly on her lips.

She drew back immediately and said ‘no, no’. But I instisted that it was not wrong since both of us were adults and know each other since a long time. she was also very hot down there and seemed to accept all this for when I gave her the next kissed she held on. Then I asked her to sit on my lap, face towards me, which she readily obliged. Now my dick was really hard and hot. I started to feel her beautiful ass softly and gently as she moaned with pleasure. Then I made her go on all fours and started kissing her ass. She started giving big moans now. I then stripped down naked and took out my tool and rubbed against her ass which was covered with her salwar even now. after a few minutes of rubbing I presented my tool in her mouth.

She took all my 8 inches in her mouth in one go and started giving me a huge blowjob. Now I was really hot and I knew I was going to come any time. She knew that and lessened her speed and concentrated on sucking. I exploded with all my semen landing in her mouth. Then I stripped her naked and started licking her vagina for a few minutes. But what really interested me was her beautiful ass.

So I made her go in doggie pose and using hair oil lubricated her asshole and my penis. Suddenly she realized what I proposed to do and started protesting, but I did’nt want any of it. I just put my penis on the asshole and gave it a big thrust which made her scream loudly. Then for the next 10 minutes I shoved my penis back and forth in her asshole making her bleed there. Finally, I cummed right in her hole and all my juices filled her tight asshole.

Then I started hitting her on her ass with my leather belt and calling her ‘a whore’ and ‘a bitch’. I pressed her big boobs with my hands till she cried with agony. She was still a virgin in her vagina and I wanted to keep her like that for some time as I enjoyed her ass more. I started kissing her vagina and in moments had her cumming. Then taking her in tight embrace I said ‘darling, you were beautiful’.

As she stayed in a hostel back home she had no problem about staying all night with me. At night I fucked her in her vagina making her bleed there and she sucked me out. We layed in the car, my dick in her vagina, till morning. in morning I kissed her and we dressed each other and took off to our house. I noticed that she was having some difficulty to walk and to sit because of the previous night’s exercise. Back home I fucked her in shower.

I have fucked Ashu hundred times after that and whenever she comes to our place she sure gets a kiss on her beautiful ass and squeeze on the boobs. Once I also had a chance to fuck her more beautiful married sister but that will be a different story.

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